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Friday, May 7, 2010

Alan Grayson Def Comedy Jam: Congressman Rails On Fed From House Floor, Demands Audit (VIDEO)

Simple Things any decent humanbeing should understand.

The Media played the health care up because

that was money there was going to be spent on you,

When the Feds spend money on Wall Street

it gets hidden from the public,

have you ever realised

the only spending you hear about is spending that benefits you

such as. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Postal Office

and recently Health care etc...

So they want you to be angry about the health care

because it is something that benefits you,

When the congress spends much more money on

Defense, they threaten you and make you paranoid.

Then you have all these other "bail-outs" to Wall Street

these are the ones nobody is going to tell you about.

One have only to watch PBS´s College for profit

which is Colleges that are privately taken over

very expensive,

they are all approved by the government which means

So these corporations already know that students cannot pay these

high prices so they help them

to get an approved government funded loan.

So in the end the student is in big debt by the time they finish the school.

The Obama Admin. was looking into it and wanted to regulate

those private colleges,

but ultimately got a 27 signatures from Polticians

who were against the regulations, and they sadly have to leave it there.
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